Jungle Padel

Jungle Padel Academy

Welcome to Jungle Padel Academy, your premier destination for mastering the art of Padel. As the largest Padel academy in Indonesia, we boast a team of six Spanish and one Indonesian coach. Our coaching team is led by our Argentinian head coach, Eduardo Ladeveze, who brings 30 years of experience teaching Padel and playing with top players worldwide.

Our comprehensive programs cater to players of all levels, ensuring maximum improvement for each individual. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, our tailored approach respects your unique characteristics and goals. Welcome to an unparalleled Padel experience at Jungle Padel Academy.

Adults Academy

Level Beginner

Level MEdium Low

Level Medium

Level MEdium High

Level Advanced

Kids Academy

Padel means fun – that is our number one rule!

At our academy, kids learn to develop their technique, movements, teamwork, and body capabilities through exercises, games, and pre-match activities where fun and enjoyment are a priority at every moment.


Our purpose is to train the next generation of excellent players who love Padel.

  • game, set, match!
  • fight until victory