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Welcome to Jungle Padel! We are proud to be the first multi-court Padel club on the island, offering an immersive experience where the thrill of the game meets the beauty of Bali. At Jungle Padel, we are not just a club but a community that embraces the spirit of play, fun, and connection. Join us as we bring the joy of Padel to the heart of Bali.


As the first Padel club in Indonesia, we took great pride in introducing the sport to Bali in February of 2022, when our Pererenan venue opened. Today, we have five fully operational clubs in Bali, with more being constructed and coming soon. Since opening our first club, we have committed to training the first Indonesian Padel coach and are now training the best Indonesian Padel players.

Jungle Padel's journey

When five individuals united by their passion, values, and vision come together, remarkable things happen. Meet the innovative minds behind Jungle Padel, a venture born out of the necessity to play and fueled by love and passion for the game. These pioneers introduced padel to Indonesia and proudly established Bali’s first four public-access padel courts, officially opened on 14th February 2022. Their vision extended beyond merely opening one club, it was about cultivating and expanding the sport’s presence in Indonesia. And that’s exactly what they did. The rest is history in the making. 

Meet Toni, an Italian who was based in London, a rackets lover, with a tennis background, whose love affair with padel began during his time in Andalucía, Spain. He loves padel because it makes people happy. Upon returning to London, he encountered difficulties in introducing the sport to the city. During the pandemic, Toni and his family took a six-month break to Bali, a destination untouched by the padelmania. 6 months became 3 years.

In Bali, he connected with like-minded partners, including Staffan, a Swedish entrepreneur who has embraced, understood, and deeply connected with Bali’s culture, fostering a profound appreciation for the Balinese way of life. Robin, a Swedish-Indonesian born with a passion for sports, Bali, and socializing. You’ll often find him on the padel court, but he also enjoys surfing or hitting the golf course.

Robin consistently fosters connections, encourages participation, and oversees initiatives within our Jungle Padel community. David, the CEO of CEO Magazine, entrepreneur, and avid padel enthusiast. He does not live on the Island, but comes often and supports the vision from overseas. Jonas, a Swedish engineer, padel lover and the mastermind behind elevating the brand.

You’ll frequently spot them at one of our clubs, hitting the court, immersed in games or tournaments. Feel free to drop by and say hello!

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At Jungle Padel, you can rest assured that our expert coaches go above and beyond to help you develop your skills and exceed at Padel.

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