Jungle Padel

Activities & events

At Jungle Padel, we offer a fantastic mix of activities and events for all Padel enthusiasts. Every week, we organize different events for all levels – beginner, bronze, silver, gold & platinum. This is a great chance for you to meet new people, socialize, be a part of our amazing community, and enjoy matches for your level!


Every week, we host Americanas for ladies at all levels, including beginner to gold, with fixed partners or individuals. 150k for 2 hours + one free coconut!


Americanas are a social and pleasant form of competition where everyone plays with and against everyone. It is the perfect activity to meet other padel players while developing your game.


At the end of every month, we host a big tournament for all levels. This event is excellent for you if you love playing Padel and don’t mind a little competition to win amazing prizes!


Group or private lessons for all levels with our professional Padel coach team.


Saturdays are for the little ones! Our kids academy offers 6 weeks of fun – the best way to learn a new sport and make new friends.


Our head coach, Eduardo, who has over 30 years of Padel experience, organizes monthly 90-minute clinics for Bandeja, defending glass, overhead, smash, and much more, focusing on specific skills.


By using 2 courts, 6 players can play with or against 2 of our coaches. This helps improve strategy and tactics while playing. Put your skills to the test and play with the best of the best.

Indonesia Padel open by Jungle Padel

We will host the biggest Indonesian open tournament from the 24th of April to the 28th. It will be held across our four venues in Pererenan, Canggu Shortcut, Kerobokan & Ubud. Open for all levels (bronze to platinum) for female and male categories.

Jungle padel league

teams league

Teams League runs for 6 weeks, and your team must complete 5 matches. After signing up your team, you will be divided into a division, depending on your level.

When the season is finished, the top 2 teams will go up one division, and the bottom 2 teams will go down one division. After 6 weeks, the next season starts.

nations league

At the beginning of every month, we’re hosting a “Nations League Tournament” where all nations are welcome to sign up and play against each other! Same as the Teams League, your nation will be divided into a division, depending on the level.

A team consists of 4 players from the same country. You will play 3 matches against the other nations of your division.

For the next month’s tournament, the winner of every division goes up to the higher division, and the bottom team goes down to a lower division.

EVENT COMING SOON: Indonesia Padel open by Jungle Padel

Don’t miss out on the first-ever Indonesian Padel Open, held in our 4 venues Pererenan, Canggu Shortcut, Kerobokan & Ubud.

Register for the venue that you want to play in

  • Sign up for Pererenan: +6281236664126
  • Sign up for Canggu Shortcut: +6281236664126
  • Sign up for Ubud: +6281138862555
  • Sign up for Kerobokan: +6282340882866

24 - 28 April 2024

Limited seats!

  • game, set, match!
  • fight until victory